Directions: Before

you begin preparing your presentation for the class, please make sure you have answered each question below. Please write all answers in a complete sentence and be thorough with your answers.

1. What is the name of your body system?
Digestive System


Digestive is important to our body because if we don't have lungs we can not breath.

2. Where is your system located?
3. What is the role of the system?
4. What organs make up your body system?
5. What are your main functions as a human body system?
6. What is each organ's function in your body system?
7. How do you perform these functions?
8. What can go wrong with your body system?
9. How people make sure your system remains healthy?
10. What would happen if something went wrong with your body system?
We will sick or die.

11. Could a person survive without your body system?

12. Why are you an important to the human body?

because human body for we live.